The controversial “Ferguson” play opened to rave reviews. Even the leftist rags in Los Angeles, CA had to admit that the play was ‘riveting.’ 

ferguson play scene

Here is a letter from playwright and friend, Phelim McAleer, who we consider to be one of the most courageous journalists in America today.

Dear friends,
The FERGUSON Play has really caused a stir. This is the reaction of one audience member on the second night:

He says I’m not “allowed” to write plays. (I thought this was America, not Russia). He accused me of “cherry picking” but then admitted he hadn’t read the Grand Jury testimony. So he had no real evidence of what he was saying.

There have been a lot of people saying a lot of damaging things based on zero evidence. That’s why I put on FERGUSON–so the truth would shine through.

I think I have succeeded.

-Phelim McAleer, Playwright


Dennis Prager spent almost the first hour of his nationally syndicated show talking about the play. He interviewed me and two of the actors. You can listen to the interviews here:

The Los Angeles Times covered the premiere extensively but not very flatteringly here:

The Los Angeles alternative newspaper, LA Weekly, thought FERGUSON was “divisive but riveting” and an “incendiary evening of theatre”:

Biden Announces U.S. Purchase Of 200 Million More Vaccines found that FERGUSON turned a dry legal case into a “human drama”:

Theatre Spoken Here blog said that as theatre “it was a great show” but didn’t set rumors to rest:

The world is watching, and many of the so-called “critics” want us to fail. FERGUSON is running for two more nights, and we want to recreate the World Premiere’s sold-out audience for the final two shows.

Please send the info to anyone in Southern California you think might be interested. Tickets are still available for tonight and Wednesday at 8 p.m.

But some critics want us to fail. There are just two nights left to see FERGUSON: Tuesday, April 28 at 8 p.m.(tonight) and Wednesday, April 29 at 8 p.m.

We need to continue with sold out audiences. If you are close to Los Angeles please come. If you have friends in Los Angeles, let them know about the play. The truth is too important to keep quiet.


To support the play or buy tickets, visit:

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