Since the famous Roswell, NM incident in 1947, countless Americans have claimed to have witnessed UFOs in the skies doing things that no publicly disclosed aircraft would be able to do.  For decades, it has been the US government’s procedure to deny, belittle, debunk, or ignore such claims.  Many people who claim to be witnesses and whistleblowers regarding this topic have had their careers and livelihoods destroyed by such policies.

Yet, over just the past few years, the US government seems to have done a complete reversal of such policies surrounding UFOs.

In fact, many UFO disclosures have inexplicably been trickled out publicly by the US government. We reported on one of them.  And former high-level US officials like John Ratcliffe claim that even bigger disclosures are on the way as soon as this June.  Tucker Carlson has devoted so many segments to this topic that he has even paid to have a cheesy flying saucer screen wipe, now, for these segments:

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In a bizarre and inexplicable ‘disclosure’, a former head of Israeli Aerospace security insisted that aliens exist, including a complete galactic federation.  He also said that Trump was in talks with them.

Yet, amid all the noise this past year, this went almost completely under the media’s radar.

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But, one important question that many pundits are ignoring is WHY the sudden change has been made by the previously above-top-secret policies surrounding disclosure and dissemination of any information surrounding these topics.

Well–in addition to heavy praises for the press and Joe Biden as president*–Harry Reid wants you to believe that, after about 75 years of UFO sightings since Roswell, he has the answer about UFOs.  And, his truth is as banal as the four-year Trump investigation-to-nowhere:

Russia Russia Russia

Former Democrat Majority Leader, Harry Reid discussing UFO’s on Mysery Wire

“There’s no question” it’s Putin, says Reid. 

Is Reid being truthful?  Is he right?  Is Russia really lightyears ahead of us with technology that defies physics as we know it?

Or, are the recent 180 degree change in America’s policy surrounding UFO disclosure and inexplicable accelerating trickle of evidence just a novel way to prime the pump for a massive geopolitical conflict?

The plan of globalists seems to be to make every taboo a norm.  Is this just another bombardment of a taboo and ‘fringe’ culture to swiftly normalize it in order to somehow disintegrate society while growing government?

Or is this something altogether different?

Since when do former Democrat majority leaders speak with sites like “Mystery Wire” for long-form interviews?

Let us know in the comments what you think is going on here.

The Daily Mail reports:

Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid called for the US to establish a UFO program, after the Pentagon confirmed evidence of unidentified flying objects over Navy warships off of California in 2019.

…’Always remember, Russia, the former Soviet Union, is run by a man who ran the KGB. They had as many as 30,000 agents at one time, KGB agents. So, Russia’s involved in this, no question about it,’ Reid said.

He added that UFOS were ‘something that cannot be ignored’ and that President Joe Biden should be briefed on the matter.

‘I believe that there should be an ongoing entity, within the Pentagon would be the best place for it, whose sole job is to stay on top of the issue of UFOs,’ Reid said.

While Senate majority leader, Reid pushed to launch the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a Pentagon-run effort to study reports of UFOs.

The $22million-program began in 2007 and ended in 2012, according to the Pentagon.

However, the New York Times reported in 2017 that ‘backers’ said the program still existed even though Pentagon funding stopped in 2012.

The program reviewed potential threats from UFOs to aviators using classified materials.

In 2020, a similar program called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was confirmed; it is run by the US Office of Naval Intelligence.

Reid’s comments came after photos were leaked from a Pentagon investigation of UFOs by the UAP Task Force, which was gathering evidence for a report for Congress due in June, according to Mystery Wire.

The images, obtained by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, show unidentified objects flying above four US destroyers, including the USS Kidd Navy destroyer, in 2019.

One appears to be a pyramid-shaped object while others look like drones or balloons; however, the Navy has listed them as unknowns.

In a statement, a Pentagon spokesperson told Mystery Wire: ‘I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel. The UAPTF has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.’

A week before, Admiral Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, said he had no idea where the mysterious Tic Tac-shaped drones that menaced four destroyers in July 2019 originated.

Gilday led an investigation into the incident. The group of what some have called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) chased the destroyers for up to 100 nautical miles off the coast of California.

Flight logs revealed as many as six mystery aircraft swarmed the warships close to a sensitive training area at the Channel Islands at speeds of up to 40mph and with greater maneuverability than US military drones.

According to Reid, ‘The federal government no longer, including people at the Pentagon, no longer criticize or harass or stop promotions of people who report these occurrences. In fact, they have done just the opposite in recent months, they now tell their pilots…to report these unusual circumstances.

Reid also believes in the honesty of the Pentagon, “because when asked, what were these things, they say we don’t know. Rather than try to say they were balloons from some kind of a weather experiment. They say we don’t know. And that’s honest. That’s being honest.”

During Reid’s Mystery Wire interview, while admonishing the world to be weary of Russia, he discussed “swarms” of UFOs witnessed by US Navy Warships.

It turns out, The Drive revealed last month that US Navy warships stationed off the coast of Los Angeles encountered swarms of mysterious drones acting in ways that may have been operating in a manner that defied physics as we know it.

The Drive obtained ship logbooks and internal emails from the Navy under the Freedom of Information Act, and eyewitness descriptions from staff on board to establish the UAVs had a greater aeronautical capability than previously known drones.

The sighting has eerie parallels to previous UFO encounters, in particular an infamous 2004 incident when six Super Hornet pilots made contact with a mystery aircraft in November 2004.

Scores of similar sightings have been reported dating back to the 1960s, but most US military investigations into them remain classified.

Lawmakers have called for the Pentagon for years to open up its classified records about the encounters, citing national security concerns.

So, what do you make of all this, Reader?  Why the recent disclosures?  Is the Pentagon being honest when it says it doesn’t know what is going on?  Is Russia the culprit?

Whatever the case is, we will likely have more information, this summer.

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