Harvard is agreeing to erase the history of their Law School founder to satisfy individuals or groups who don’t agree with him. Didn’t we see something similar to this happening in the Middle East? It wasn’t that long ago that ISIS destroyed all symbols of Christianity in Iraq and other countries because they represented the history of Christ and was offensive to the Islamic terrorists. Did Americans think that was okay? This politically incorrect nonsense needs to stop before every ounce of history has been sanitized from our public and private schools, colleges and universities…

Harvard University has decided to drop its famous law school emblem after a handful of students said it was racist because it was tied to an 18th-century family of slave holders.

The Harvard Corporation, the body that governs the university, voted in favor of a Harvard Law School committee recommendation to drop the seal. Harvard’s president, Drew Faust, told the dean of the law school, Martha Minow, he approved the idea, Reuters reported.

The emblem has been around since 1936. It shows three sheaves of wheat with the motto, “Veritas,” the Latin word for truth, scrolled across the top.

The image comes from the coat of arms used by the family of Isaac Royall, a man the media paints as the son of an Antiguan slaveholder – who was also the endower of the first law professorship at the university, Reuters said. Via: WND

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The university denied it was revising history.

Maybe they were just caving to threats or threatening behavior like this protest that took place on campus. Students can be seen here protesting at Harvard University over death of thug, Michael Brown:


12-11-14 Harvard President Drew Faust declared via Twitter that “black lives matter.” Harvard’s official Twitter account posted an image Wednesday of Faust wearing a t-shirt with the movement’s slogan and the statement, “In light of recent events, Drew Faust shows her support.”

In November, 2015, Portraits of black Harvard Law School faculty members were defaced on  a day after a campus rally for black students, according to the law school.

Several portraits were discovered Thursday with black strips of tape placed diagonally over the black faculty members’ faces.

tape pic
The portraits were on the first floor of Wasserstein Hall, which houses two hallways with more than 180 framed portraits of law professors.

Harvard Law School Dean Michele Minow said in a statement ‘The Harvard University Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime.’

Harvard Law School students started a Facebook page with the following stated mission: We are a movement of students calling for the decolonization of our campus, the symbols, the curriculum and the history of Harvard Law School

Here is a post from that page:

i reclaim

“While we accept the request to change the shield, we do so on the understanding that the school will actively explore other steps to recognize rather than to suppress the realities of its history, mindful of our shared obligation to honor the past not be seeking to erase it, but rather by bringing it to light and learning from it,” Faust said, Reuters reported. Via: WND

In the end, we can’t help but wonder how much this former Harvard Law School student, turned Commuity Agitator in Chief had to do with their decision to erase history at Harvard:
barack law school


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