Republicans finally regained the ability to hold Congressional hearings on issues such as Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, the corruption of the Biden administration, immigration, and a host of other issues after they regained control of the House in January of 2023.

In the first two months, they have already started to hold hearings on issues such as social media censorship, the open-borders policies of the Biden administration, and the FBI investigation in to the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

On Tuesday, the House held a roundtable on Covid policies to evaluate the effectiveness of some of the policies used to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

One of the people invited to speak was renowned Harvard Professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff.

Kulldorff criticized the notion that children should have to get the Covid-19 vaccine and discussed the reasons why many people distrust the vaccine in an exchange with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA).


The Gateway Pundit Reports

Kuldorff: “By forcing children to have vaccines they don’t need because they’ve already have the disease, that undermines the trust in other vaccines like the measles vaccine or the polio vaccine. That’s very, very serious.

“Over the last several decades we’ve had the “anti-vaccine” people try to undermine trust in vaccines but with rare success. But the vaccine fanatics who want to vaccinate every person in this country, even though there are people who have already had COVID, that has undermined the trust in vaccines and created an enormous vaccine hesitancy.”

Miller-Meeks: “So not allowing their provider or physician to determine the risk and the benefit?”

Kulldorff: “Yeah, and also people themselves, because people know about immunity. We learned that in school. People know that if you’ve had a disease.

Miller-Meeks (mocking vaccine fanatics): “It wasn’t until I came to Congress that I found out infection-acquired immunity was a novel concept.”

Kulldorff: “Yeah, I guess we knew about it since 430 BC, the Athenian plague, until 2020. And we didn’t know about it for three years. And now we know about it again.”

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