The majority of Americans identify as Christians, so why are they constantly marginalized by the left? Why do Christian Americans continue to allow their faith to be mocked and their right to openly practice their religion to be challenged?  Imagine the outrage if a Muslim group at Harvard was being punished for praying too many times throughout the day. But, then again, that would never happen, because…diversity.

Weekly Standard – The club’s transgression? The Crimson reports that the school’s Office of Student Life placed the group Harvard College Faith and Action on “administrative probation” because the group “pressured a female member . . . to resign in September following her decision to date a woman.”

To be clear: Harvard is disciplining a Christian student group for the group’s expectation that its student leadership follows basic Christian ethical teaching on sexuality in accordance with Christianity’s 2,000-year-old doctrine on such matters. This should not be controversial, at all. Christians believe and do as Christians believe and do. Jews believe and do as Jews believe and do. And so on and so forth. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Christianity should not be shocked by this.

So Harvard has now taken to disciplining a Christian student group—and not some radical fringe group, but the largest Christian group on campus—for the group’s expectation that its student leadership follows Christian ethical teachings on sexuality. So much for diversity.

In Christian theology, homosexual conduct—note “conduct,” not “people”—is considered sinful. (Roman Catholicism refers to homosexual acts as “intrinsically disordered.”) The Bible has taught this, clearly and consistently, for 2,000 years.

In fact, the most striking thing about this teaching is that in all the debates over Christian doctrine that have raged for two millennia—predestination, revelation, the virginity of Mary, the Eucharist, the priest as in persona Christi—this has been one of the most consistent parts of doctrine. Not because Christians have an animus toward homosexuals, but because Christianity has a fairly rigorous view of the person and human sexuality in which male and female complementarity isn’t just for fun. It means something. And homosexual acts violate these Scriptural norms—as do all sex acts outside of marriage.

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Which is why Christian leaders at Harvard are right to point out that they are not seeking to discriminate against LGBT individuals. Harvard College Faith and Action holds everyone to the same expectation: celibacy outside the bounds of marriage. As the Crimson reports:

“We reject any notion that we discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in our fellowship,” the co-presidents wrote in an email Wednesday. “Broadly speaking, the student, in this case, was removed because of an irreconcilable theological disagreement pertaining to our character standards.”

As one of the students admits: “Our theological view is that—for professing Christians who are in leadership—celibacy is the only option outside the bounds of marriage.”

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