In their rush to make radical Muslims terrorists feel as though they are welcome in Belgium, coupled with their naive belief that if they coddle them enough, they will assimilate, the authorities have clearly forgotten about the victims of a horrific terror attack that took place in Brussels only months ago. When european nations start coddling terrorists and terror recruiters who are attracting Muslims from their homeland to commit horrific acts of violence against innocent people, the entire nation is screwed…

Two explosions ripped through the departure hall at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Belgium, on Tuesday. Credit Ketevan Kardava/Associated Press
The aftermath of two explosions that ripped through the departure hall at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Belgium. Credit Ketevan Kardava/Associated Press

Erin McLaughlin of CNN told the story of a young man, a teen who became caught up in the ISIS recruiting web after a vacation in Belgium.

“Eight months after that trip to vacation in Belgium, Salia said her son became radicalized. He sent her a Facebook message to let her know he was in Syria.

Then came a chilling phone call. the Syrian guide said, ‘Congratulation, congratulation. Your son died as a martyr,’ and then he hung up.

It was horrible. when I heard about his death, I felt like I died myself. she says her son was the happiest of her four children. She didn’t know the most dangerous jihadist recruitment network in Brussels approached her son.

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It was the most dangerous of webs. Some were convicted and given lengthy prison sentences but, remarkably, were free on bail.

It is veteran jihadists and recruiters. Some would go on to carry out the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. Authorities prosecuted for man 60 recruiters and foreign fighters. One of them was Sala. His recruiters were declared guilty as you see here, the judge allowed them to walk free pending their appeal. CNN tracked down one of the recruiters to his home address that is neighborhood of a convicted recruiter.

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Her son said he pleaded, he wanted to come home. The recruiter said, ‘no’. We’re here to ask him why.

We ring the doorbell. His mother answers. She screams at us to leave her alone. As we walk away, the recruiter appears and confronts us. His words are not welcoming. He refuses to talk to us on camera.

dead son terrorist

Families living in the complex don’t even know they are living amongst them. It must be the EU PC.

Belgian authorities tell CNN they have NOT notified residents that a convicted jihadist recruiter is living in their midst.

We saw a teenage boy entering the same apartment building. the president of Brussels tribunal says in Belgium it is not unusual for a criminal to go free while they’re waiting for appeal. If they’re not considered a flight risk. How’s it that a convicted member of a terrorist organization sentenced to seven years in prison is allowed to walk free after his trial?”

They’re free, the official said, because they behaved during the trial.

His mother said it’s like her son died twice seeing his recruiters running loose on the streets.

For entire story: Independent Sentinel

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