There’s a reason this site is called 100PercentFedUp.

Or…as we shared on Facebook today, this little Easter Egg:

So we’re FED UP and the Country is currently F’ed Up.

And if you needed any proof of either, here’s Exhibit A.

This is just heartbreaking.

You will probably remember this video from a few years ago.


At the time, it seemed like the kid was the only person in his family with any common sense.

Definitely more than the mother.

Sadly, flash forward a few years and it looks like he succumbed to the brainwashing and is now doing drag…and according to one video the other brother is now starting hormone therapy which I can only assume means he’s going trans.

Sorry, but this is child abuse in my book, how about you?

Three different clips in here all merged together….you will probably remember the first one:

Did you remember the first one?

Now imagine that kid in a solid home and imagine how his life would look so different.


Major credit to InfoWars for breaking this story:

A young boy who once accidentally exposed his mother’s LGBT indoctrination on TikTok has evidently succumbed to the brainwashing, with recent footage showing him performing a drag routine on stage.

A compilation video going viral on social media shows old footage of the boy, alongside his brother and mother, engaging in a TikTok discussion about his mother’s attempts to “convince” him to join the LGBT movement.

During the first part of the video, the boy reads aloud a live comment asking, “Does your mom say you have to be LGBT?”

“No,” the boy responds, “I can choose what I want to be but… my mom doesn’t matter if I am gay or a lesbian or any of that, she doesn’t care. All she cares about is that I’m a part of it. And if I’m not a part of it she’ll try to convince me to join it.”

Clearly taken aback by the boy’s honesty, the mom tries to get him to clarify, asking, “What are you saying right now?” to which the boy responds, “Facts.”

“That I would convince you to join what?” the mom asks the boy.

“The LGBTQIA+ community,” the boy replies.

The video cuts to footage from years later of the mom filming herself telling the slightly older boy she received a phone call about “something he’s been wanting for a long time,” before telling him he’s been approved for his “first injection,” presumably referring to hormone treatments.

In the final video of the compilation, the mom films as her son, now 13-years-old, performs a drag queen dance routine on stage.

The mom’s caption, alongside trans and rainbow flag emojis, disingenuously reads, “This is my 13 YO’s first time doing drag, and I have one message to parents out there — support your children’s dreams even if they’re different from yours.”


The mom was slammed on social media for leading the unwitting boy into the clutches of the LGBT cult and its irreversible gender-bending procedures.

Here is some reaction online:

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