Proof that sanity still exists on college campuses.

Capitalists on campus won’t have to stand by any longer while communists and socialists celebrate May Day, as they’ve appropriated the holiday. Turning Point USA offered free materials to students with a comprehensive plan for the Socialism Sucks Day of Action.

socialism sucks

More than 500 campuses are participating in the counter-celebration on Monday. “I want the American Dream. Socialism only takes away my chance to start a multi-billion company in my apartment,” Turning Point USA’s Josh Thifault declared. “It’s important that we stick to the values that made our country great — capitalism and freedom.”

Some students have caught on to what Venezuela has learned the hard way. Venezuela’s brewing company, responsible for 80 percent of its beer supply, began to shut down its last plant on Friday, according to The Wall Street Journal. In addition to how Venezuelans “like to celebrate,” there is concern because the beer factory also provided jobs. The country has suffered food shortages and power outages, and can no longer afford to print its own money. Venezuelans are also learning that “socialism sucks” and are petitioning to recall President Nicolás Maduro.

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In stark contrast to the student activities in other parts of America, May Day was celebrated with violence in Seattle. At least nine were arrested for pelting officers with rocks, batons, and molotov cocktails, which injured at least five officers. The violence has been an annual trend in Seattle for May Day, as Yahoo! News reported.

Only 33 percent of young people support socialism, according to a recent Harvard IOP poll.

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