On April 4, a Polish pastor’s Good Friday church service in Calgary, Canada, turned ugly when a know-it-all ‘Karen’ Health Inspector showed up to stop the Easter weekend service on private church property.  But, then, a beautiful thing happened.

Hero Pastor Artur Pawlowski stood up for himself, his congregation, and for the individual liberty of all people by shoeing out the tyrants who came to shut him down, calling them what they truly are: “Gestapo.” “Nazis.”

On April 25, they came again—and once more, Pastor Pawolski let them know he would not bow to their demands:

The video of this new event can be seen below:

Rebel News has been documenting the tyrannical actions of the Canadian government, whose brutal actions against Christian Pastor Pawlowski, using COVID restrictions as an excuse for shutting down his church services.

Today, Calgary Police officers wrestled Pastor Pawlowski to his knees, arrested him, and carried him away for the crime of preaching to his parishioners.

Rebel News reports – They hunted him down like he’s a terrorist.

Police cars swarmed him as he drove home from his church. They ordered him out of his car and made him kneel down on a busy highway.

Heavily-armed SWAT police arrested him. But he’s not a terrorist. He’s Artur Pawlowski, a Christian pastor. And he’s now in jail.

Watch this shocking police attack for yourself.

Here’s a longer video showing the stunning arrest of Pastor Artur.

Citizens from around the world are watching their freedoms slip away under overreaching local, state, and federal government officials, all under the guise of what’s best for us. Thank God for people like Pastor Pawlowski, who are bravely standing up and saying, “no!” as he puts preaching the word of God before bowing to a tyrannical government. Pastor Artur Pawlowski is asking for help to pay his legal fees. You can contribute at SaveArtur.com

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