After the government’s hysterical response to the Covid-19 pandemic wrecked our economy and stripped people of their civil liberties, Biden and the Democrats are ready to do a rerun of 2020.

As multiple Democratic Governors around the country declared a public health emergency due to the Monkeypox outbreak, the Biden administration followed suit today.

Currently, the administration claims that they are only doing this to get more funding to deal with the outbreak, but we all know where this route leads.

The Epoch Times Reports

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“The Biden administration declared a public health emergency for monkeypox on Aug. 4 in a bid to unlock funding and more powers to deal with the virus, which officials say is primarily spreading among homosexual males.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra issued the declaration, saying in an Aug. 4 conference call with reporters that the move will allow for quicker distribution of the monkeypox vaccine. Becerra was joined by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf on the call.

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“I will be declaring a public health emergency on monkeypox. … We’re [taking] our response to the next level,” Becerra said, stating that Americans should take “monkeypox seriously.”

Walensky said the public health declaration will provide more “access to resources” and will “enable personnel to be deployed to the outbreak” in some localities. The emergency will also “further raise awareness” and encourage testing for it.”

Biden’s response can be contrasted with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ response.  DeSantis refused to declare a public health emergency, saying “Anything we deal with from a public health perspective, particularly with Joe at the helm, you know, we are not doing fear. They’re going to do facts. And we are not going to go out and try to rile people up and try to act like people can’t live their lives as they’ve been normally doing, you know, because of something,”

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