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REMEMBER WHEN THE MEDIA Breathlessly Chased Hillary’s “Scooby” Van In Iowa?

Unfortunately for Hillary, the mainstream media doesn’t make up the majority of voters in America.

Compare the media stampede for Hillary to the HUNDREDS of actual VOTERS for TRUMP, as they run after his motorcade in Rhode Island yesterday…

Watch, as Hillary operative desperately tries to get her “supporters” enthused about their candidate. Unfortunately for Hillary, her fans are anything but “enthusiastic”:

Here’s a peek into the excitement Hillary fans are showing for her candidacy:

And then there are the “over-flowing” crowds at the Hillary rallies and speeches:

Compare Hillary’s lethargic supporters to Trump’s excited fans at his Pennsylvania rally only 4 days ago:

In the BLUE state of Michigan, thousands of fans await the arrival of Trump at massive rally:

trump fans line up

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