Wow! The news yesterday that Obama had shut down the Cuban policy of “wet foot-dry foot” whereby if Cuban citizens reach American soil, they are allowed to stay. We’re not saying this was EVER a good policy from the beginning, we just think the timing of the decision by Obama is purely political…BUT isn’t everything he does?

Cuban-Americans voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2016 election so this is payback time for Obama who’s as vindictive as they come. It’s got to be frustrating for Democrats that Cuban-Americans don’t march in lockstep with them. 


Mark Levin went ballistic last night on this move by Obama. He was furious!


Obama has basically shut the door on the Cubans because it’s not politically advantageous for him to bring them in. No, he just wants the other groups of so-called refugee Muslims or illegals who will vote their way. It is ALWAYS about the votes with the Democrats….


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