Heroic Border Patrol Agent Jacob Albarado states that teachers should be trained and armed to defend classrooms

The hero off-duty Border Patrol agent who saved dozens of children after rushing from his barber’s shop to the school to aid in evacuation stated that teachers should be armed and trained for defending classrooms.

Jacob Albarado is a hero who saved dozens of students at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas during the horrific shooting.

Tricia P Albarado -Facebook

After receiving texts from his wife, who is a teacher at the school where his daughter also attends, the off-duty Border Patrol agent leapt from his seat at his barber’s shop, commandeered the barber’s shotgun, and went immediately to the site of the tragedy where he formed a plan leading other officers, entered the building, and evacuated dozens of students including his own daughter and others after her.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting he learned that a friend of his daughter was among the dead and made the following post on Facebook, calling for teachers in the US to be trained and armed to protect themselves and students.

“I’m so angry, saddened, and grateful all at once. Only time will heal their pain and hopefully, changes will be made at all schools in the U.S., and teachers will be trained & allowed to carry in order to protect themselves and students,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

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An armed and trained teacher may have been able to stop the shooter before the carnage ramped up, and that belief is backed up by the findings of the commission which investigated the 2018 Parkland high school shooting.

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The heroic Albarado does not seem to believe that gun control is the answer to this tragedy and potential tragedies in the future. Rather, his hope is that a more practical solution involving the training and arming of teachers will be able to prevent future hardships of this kind.

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