Parents of 2 toddlers sued President Trump for sharing a manipulated video that went viral of their children hugging. The video was created by an animation expert who goes by the name of Carpe Donktum. It was shared by President Trump and hundreds of thousands of others on Twitter.

Here’s the video from Carpe Donktum along with the original:

Twitter removed the video from President Trump’s account. The social media platform that behaves more like a Russian propaganda service also removed Carpe Donktum’s account.

Today, in a huge win for free speech, the New York Supreme Court dismissed the “toddlers meme” lawsuit for “misappropriation” against lawyer Ron Coleman’s client, Carpe Donktum (Logan Cook).

Carpe Donktum issued a statement to Twitter after he won his case, asking when he’d be getting his account back. Of course, it’s a rhetorical question…Twitter is not in the business of being fair or just…they’re in the business of censoring conservatives—period.

The Left despises free speech. We must fight to give everyone the right to express their opinions, regardless of their political beliefs or ideologies. This is a huge win for free speech, and of course, for President Trump!

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