California Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D), advertised a “Meet and Greet Tweet-a-Thon”. In her promotion of the event, the “Impeach Trump” congresswoman referred to herself as “Auntie Maxine”.  She also billed the Meet and Greet, as an event that “top social media influencers” would be present. Maxine claimed that the purpose of the event was to highlight her “many achievements throughout her career”. Maxine asked millennials to come to her event “energized” and “ready to get out the vote.”

In her promotion of the event, “Auntie Maxine” calls herself a “Fearless Champion” of Congress “Who taught us how to RECLAIM OUR TIME”. Waters was referring to her obnoxious behavior on the floor when she embarrassed herself by demanding that she reclaim her time, during an argument with a Republican congressman, and former car dealer, as she fought to maintain legislation that forces banks to give auto loans to people who can’t afford them. She’s a champion alright…a champion of unearned “free stuff.”

Unfortunately, for “Auntie Maxine” she didn’t have the massive turnout she expected. The blowhard Congresswoman whose only platform is undoing all of the great things President Trump and the Republicans have done, and how the government can give more free sh*t, has an overblown belief of how popular she is.

The outspoken conservative Republican, Omar Navarro is running against Maxine Waters in the upcoming election. Besides his conservative principles and values, the big difference between Navarro and Waters is that Navarro actually lives in the district he where he is running for office.

Watch Navarro’s viral video that he filmed in front of Maxine’s “mansion” that is NOT in the district she represents:

Navarro has been endorsed by Herman Cain, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, LTG Micheal Flynn, Andrew Wilkow and black conservative radio host Larry Elder.

You can donate to Omar Navarro’s campaign HERE.

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