The Democrats are now faced with the embarrassing choice between two elderly white males with unimpressive resumes as lifetime politicians, as their next presidential candidate.

Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Socialist, but is actually more of a Communist, has promised his followers a “revolution” in America. If he’s elected, he’s promising to literally steal money from working Americans and redistribute it to those who believe it’s their right to have other people’s money.

While attending the University of Chicago in 1964, Sanders joined the Young People’s Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party USA. He also organized for a communist front, the United Packinghouse Workers Union, which at the time was under investigation by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

After graduating with a political science degree, Sanders moved to Vermont, where he headed the American People’s History Society, an organ for Marxist propaganda. There, he produced a glowing documentary on the life of socialist revolutionary Eugene Debs, who was jailed for espionage during the Red Scare and hailed by the Bolsheviks as “America’s greatest Marxist.”

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Sanders honeymooned with his current wife Jane, in the former USSR.

The campaign of the frequently incoherent Joe Biden is touting the fact that he’s the only guy who can beat President Trump in 2020.

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Biden’s promised that if elected, he’ll make gun control a priority. He’s pushing the failed Democrat senate and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who has unashamedly admitted he’s in favor of gun confiscation, as his point man on the issue.

A new hilarious video of “supercuts” showcases has been released, showing some of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden’s best (and scariest) moments. While many clips from the video are humorous, the fact remains that these are two very scary candidates and Democrats and Independent voters should be alarmed that this is the best the Democrat Party has to offer.


In 2016, the New York Post did an excellent job of outlining the history of Bernie Sanders, and why they believe he is actually a communist. After failed runs for Congress, Sanders in 1981 managed to get elected mayor of Burlington, Vt., where he restricted property rights for landlords, set price controls and raised property taxes to pay for communal land trusts. Local small businesses distributed fliers complaining their new mayor “does not believe in free enterprise.”

His radical activities didn’t stop at the ­water’s edge.

Sanders took several “goodwill” trips not only to the USSR, but also to Cuba and Nicaragua, where the Soviets were trying to expand their influence in our hemisphere.

In 1985, he traveled to Managua to celebrate the rise to power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. He called it a “heroic revolution.” Undermining anti-communist US policy, Sanders denounced the Reagan administration’s backing of the Contra rebels in a letter to the Sandinistas.

His betrayal did not end there. Sanders lobbied the White House to stop the proxy war and even tried to broker a peace deal. He adopted Managua as a sister city and invited Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega to visit the US. He exalted Ortega as “an impressive guy,” while attacking President Reagan.

“The Sandinista government has more support among the Nicaraguan people — substantially more support — than Ronald Reagan has among the American people,” Sanders told Vermont government-access TV in 1985.

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