We can’t say it too often: YOU DODGED A BULLET AMERICA!

Hillary Clinton needs to buy herself a mirror. Even though she soldiered on after a fall down some steps, she then lost her footing in the bathtub of her luxury hotel and was off to the hospital.

She arrived at the hospital around 5am on Wednesday according to local papers and underwent an X-ray and a CT scan that revealed she had a hairline fracture in her right wrist.

Clinton was then given a plaster cast and told she was fine to continue with her travels but should report back for a check-up in three days.

She was back on the tourist trail when she was spotted hiding her wrist under a dress and then a shawl. The Indian look is not a good one for the former First Lady.

It was also noted in those local reports that Hillary have been treated for pain in the wrist since the previous evening.

WHY IS SHE HIDING HER WRIST? Notice how she’s got a shawl draped over her shoulder to hide her wrist. Why?

Prior to taking her trio of tumbles, Hillary also made headlines in India with comments she made about President Trump and the recent election.

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