While President Trump is circling the globe making deals and peace with North Korea, Hillary Clinton is having trouble making it up some stairs at an 8th grade graduation. Clinton made an appearance at The Hamlin School in San Francisco and was filmed gingerly walking up to the stairs of the school. Then she had trouble walking up the stairs (see video below) to the school.

She was then filmed holding on to the side rail while struggling to climb up to the building:

ABC 7 reporter Amy Hollyfield posted a video of Clinton holding on to a rail slowly walking up the stairs behind her group.

ABC 7 reports Clinton’s appearance was low key. So much so, the school actually denied she was going to be present.

The school did not put out a press release about the appearance and denied all week that she was coming. But it was obvious this morning that something big was happening at Broadway and Buchanan because of the security officers and Secret Service agents stationed around the school.

Clinton has had numerous health issues in the past. Questions were raised on a recent overseas trip to promote her new book. It appeared as though she was wearing a back brace. Her health was an issue throughout the 2016 campaign because she constantly coughed during speeches and “fainted” at a 9/11 memorial service in NYC. Clinton was a flawed candidate in so many other ways but the health issues have been a dark cloud fueling speculation and doubt. Karma?


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