Why the heck does she keep telling these whoppers when we can just Google or read up on the truth? The bs just slips from her lips like it’s a fact. Unreal!

Grandma Clinton told a group of New Hampshire Voters Monday “The first place I ever came for any political campaign was in 1991, when I was here campaigning for my husband, in October of 1991.”

In 1968, Hillary Clinton Worked On The Presidential Campaign Of Senator Eugene McCarthy In “New Hampshire That Winter.” – “Ms. Rodham had traveled to New Hampshire several times that winter to volunteer for Mr. McCarthy, the Minnesota Democrat challenging President Lyndon B. Johnson for the Democratic nomination. Mr. McCarthy’s message — that the antiwar movement should operate within the system, not on the streets — appealed to Ms. Rodham.”….. “Her political itinerary that year resembles a frenzied travelogue of youthful contradiction. She might have been the only 20-year-old in America who worked on the antiwar presidential campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire that winter and for the hawkish Republican congressman Melvin Laird in Washington that summer.” (Mark Leibovich, “In Turmoil Of ’68, Clinton Found A New Voice,” The New York Times, 9/5/07)

Clinton Worked On George McGovern’s Campaign For President In Texas In 1972. “The McGovern campaign set up shop in an empty store front on West Sixth Street. I had a small cubicle that I rarely occupied because I spent most of my time in the field, trying to register the newly enfranchised eighteen-to-twenty-one-year-olds and driving around South Texas working to register black and Hispanic voters.” (Hillary Clinton, “Living History,” 2003)

Clinton Was The Field Coordinator For Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Campaign In Indiana. “With Bill’s election assured, we both felt free to get involved in Carter’s campaign when he became the Democratic nominee…Upon our return to Fayetteville, Carter’s staff asked Bill to head the campaign in Arkansas and me to be the field coordinator in Indiana. Indiana was a heavily Republican state, but Carter thought his southern roots and farming background might appeal to even Republican voters. I thought it was a long shot, but I was game to try.” (Hillary Clinton, “Living History,” 2003)
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