Hillary Clinton pulls the sexism card during a speech at Rutgers University. She’s blamed almost everything on her loss in the 2016 election. She’s now blaming sexism on her loss. She doesn’t understand why she’s being told to go away when other men who had lost elections weren’t told to scram.

At the 25:30 point in the video, Hillary speaks about the so-called sexism during the 2016 election:


Hillary lists the men she claims have never been told to “shut up”.


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Hillary Clinton is sort of going through a bit of a rough patch in her old age, and that’s not just a jab at her seeming inability to walk down flights of stairs in foreign countries.

Apparently, Clinton’s overall value has gone swirly in the toilet bowl as her speech fee has dropped an astounding 90 percent.

You know, pointing the finger at others for your loss in a political race just isn’t all that smart of a move to make, a lesson she’s now learning the hard way.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

The 2016 loser used to charge $250,000 for speaking engagements, back when people thought the former Secretary of State might be sweeping into the White House. That fee dropped 90% this week when she spoke at Rutgers University for just $25,000 (and we know “just” is a relative term).

Clinton was back in New Jersey on Thursday to talk politics, American democracy and her role (always her role) in shaping women’s political history. Rutgers paid the $25,000 fee from an endowment so as not to use cash from tuition or state aid, the university said.

In her speech, Hillary, as she does, blamed a slew of other things for her loss to Donald Trump, implying that anyone who didn’t vote for her is sexist. And she pointed a casted finger at Russia — even though a probe by a special prosecutor has turned up no smoking gun in more than a year of investigation.

“We’re not anywhere near the bottom of understanding this,” Clinton said. “They think they had a pretty easy first run and they are going to be involved unless we come together as a country … to do much more to secure our elections than we’ve done now.”

She called her 2016 drubbing “pretty traumatic” and said to recover she “took a lot of long walks in the woods.”

Poor Hillary.

One has to wonder if this severe drop in income will force her to trade in her caviar for tuna fish? Not likely considering she’s still filthy rich.

One of the main reasons Clinton lost was because she claimed to be broke while making an insane amount of money to deliver public speeches, proving just how out of touch she is with the average American voter who is living paycheck to paycheck.

The fact that she never took responsibility for her own loss and continues, two years later, to make excuses for it and point the finger at everyone under the sun only serves to prove the instincts of the American people were right.

Better luck next time, Hillary.

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