Out-of-touch Hollywood actor Robert Redford is sharing his excitement about the reduction of carbon emissions caused by the reduced transportation and shut down of certain industries due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

In an op-ed written for NBC News by the elitist actor and his son James, Robert Redford explains the lessons we can all learn from the virus that originated in China and has devastated economies around the world. Americans may be starving, committing suicide, and dying from other illnesses because they’re afraid to go to their doctor or the emergency room to get necessary health care—but what really matters is that carbon emissions are down. Hollywood freaks like Robert Redford, who has an estimated net worth of $180 million, can rejoice.

In his NBC op-ed, Redford blames President Trump’s “failed leadership” for the spread of the Wuhan virus in the U.S., and wonders if Americans will be able to cut through the fog of their pain and suffering to see what’s really important—the scourge of man-made climate change.

Redford fails to mention that President Trump shut down travel between China against the advice of top scientists, doctors, and almost everyone in his inner circle of advisors. But nevermind—facts don’t matter when you’re a celebrity. Academy Awards for pretending to be somebody else are far more important than facts.

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“Will any of these hard-won lessons help us as we turn to face the potential calamity of climate change that looms on the horizon?” he asks.

“There have also been some pleasant surprises,” Robert and his son James Redford write. “As many of the world’s transportation and industrial sectors have reduced operations, there has been a remarkable decline in global levels of carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, the cost in life and livelihood negates any celebration. Nonetheless, there is no denying that we have gotten a very real glimpse of the potential for global environmental repair. … Clearly, inertia [on green activism] is unacceptable.”

The climate expert duo warns of the much more serious consequences for our planet if we don’t take the unsettled science of man-made climate change seriously:

Make no mistake, the worst of climate change awaits us in the near future. The incremental and sporadic nature of climate change has not thus far motivated the sort of rapid response we have seen with COVID-19. Where does this leave us? Do we wait until the predicted droughts lead to global famine? Do we turn our backs on nations forced to uproot millions from coastal areas? Clearly, inertia is unacceptable.

Do you know what’s unacceptable, Robert? What’s unacceptable is using a worldwide crisis to push more panic and fear about man-made climate change on Americans who don’t know how they will put food on the table for their children. Many residents living in Michigan and Nevada, who filed for unemployment five or more weeks ago, claim they haven’t received a penny in unemployment benefits, and they don’t know what they’ll do now that their savings are gone. Do you know what’s unacceptable, Robert? Suicides are on the uptick; there are reports of Americans having amputations because their health care needs are not being met because of the COVID19 crisis. And do you really know what’s unacceptable, Robert?  Like you, shameless elected officials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rep, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), are using this pandemic to create even more fear by pushing a green agenda down our throats. Meanwhile, every member of Congress is still getting a regular paycheck, even though they refuse to go to work.

As you sit inside one of your multi-million dollar homes and warn Americans about the impending evils of man-made climate change, remember that families are hungry and they’re worried they won’t have a job when this pandemic subsides. You might just want to consider how small you and your radical agenda must appear to everyday Americans who have actual problems, right now.

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