During Trump’s press conference today, Jim Acosta of CNN bombarded him with one question after another. Trump responded to his dishonest network by calling out the “HATRED and VENOM” he constantly sees on CNN. Acosta pressed on and asked yet another question. Trump responded: “We do have other people and your ratings aren’t as good as the others.” Trump told Acosta, “I think you would do much better by being different. I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you your dishonest people. I’m changing it from ‘fake news’ to ‘very fake news.'” Acosta asked Trump if he is undermining news by calling it “fake news?” Trump response was perfect, as he replied, “I know what’s good and I know what’s bad, because I’m there. So it’s very important to me. I want to see an honest press. It’s very important to the public to get an honest press. If you were straight and really told it like it was, I would be your biggest fan if you treated me right, including negative stories about me. But when story after story about me is bad, I won! You’ve got to be a little bit fair. But when you take a look at some of your stories, and the bias and the hatred. The public is smart and they see it.”

“The whole Russian thing…it’s a ruse…”

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