School Nurse Kathleen Cataford suspended after a Facebook post revealing the CT public school provides an 11 year old student with puberty blockers without parental knowledge

If there is ever a doubt that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill is necessary, remember this article. A school nurse, Kathleen Cataford, was suspended by the district for revealing on Facebook the disgusting policy of providing young students with puberty blockers.

Connecticut Nurse Kathleen Cataford

From The Daily Mail:

Kathleen Cataford, who worked at the Richard J Kinsella Magnet School in Hartford, was axed from her role Monday over the post, which was branded transphobic.

Writing on a local mom’s group in response to a request for local school recommendations, the 77 year-old said: ‘Investigate the school system curriculum…CT is a very socially liberal, gender confused state,’ the post read.

It continued: ‘As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.

‘Teachers and SSW are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught.’

It’s bad enough when a district makes it policy not to tell the parents’ of a kid’s gender and sexual orientation, but this is an unprecedented level of wrong. Drugging a child with medication that causes irreversible damage to their development and body without parental consent, or even knowledge, means that the schools (read: state) are completely taking over the role of raising your child.

This is unacceptable to any sane person.

To add insult to injury, however, they fire suspend the whistleblower–the only person in the school district with the decency to do the right thing and report on the vile actions.

The country needs more Kathleen Catafords, and it needs more Ron DeSantises.

Cataford’s Facebook post which got her suspended

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