Yesterday, at the Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, a 23-year-old male who claimed he was “suicidal” shot and killed five innocent people and wounded eight others, one of whom is a Louisville Metro Police Officer who was shot in the head by the murderer as he “ran toward the fire” in an effort to save the lives of perfect strangers. Officer Wilt, who is still clinging to his life in the hospital, is a reminder of how there are more good people in this world than bad. But sadly, our society will focus more on the killer and why his weapon of choice needs to be taken away from all law-abiding citizens who are repulsed by his actions. The point is, you don’t need a gun to harm someone; you just need to suffer from a mental illness or simply have hatred in your heart to commit an intentional act of violence against another innocent human being.

Yesterday’s murderer not only took the lives of five innocent people, but he also live-streamed his ambush on them on Instagram. Hatred is a powerful motivator, but coupled with the desire for attention, it can become a recipe for unimaginable acts of violence against others, all for 15 seconds of fame.

Two young women, 20-year-old Shy’Tiona Bishop and 18-year-old Jada Harris, who worked as nurse’s aids working in an assisted living center in Melbourne, Florida, have been arrested and charged with felonies for filming themselves abusing a patient with dementia and then sharing it on social media as a way to get more followers.

18-year-old Jada Harris and 20-year-old Shy’Tiona Bishop

Yesterday, Brevard County’s badass Sheriff Wayne Ivey held an EPIC press conference where he explained to the public how these two “disgusting individuals” live-streamed the abuse of an elderly woman suffering from dementia on April 3 in the Melbourne, FL, assisted living home.

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The victim, an elderly woman with dementia, can be heard screaming in the background with 20-year-old Shy’Tiana Bishop while 18-year-old Jada Harris laughs into the camera. Comments from individuals watching the grotesque abuse of the elderly dementia patient can be seen on the screen as the pair mock her for peeing her pants and then work together to dress her.

Sheriff Ivey points out that their bonds, which were set at $6,000 for Harris and $4,000 for Bishop, were way too low and that if it were up to him, their bond would be set at “when hell freezes over when these two get out.” The sheriff said he would be working with the state to ensure these two women can never work in a healthcare setting again. Sheriff Ivey said he would never let these two individuals “watch my pet cobra because if he bit them, he would die of scumbag poisoning.”

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Sheriff Ivey concluded his press conference by reminding everyone that the two individuals who did this are “two bags of crap,” while adding, “The people who watched this—Yeah, you’re two bags of crap too!”


Both women have since been fired from their jobs at the unnamed assisted living home in Melbourne, FL.

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