As President Biden allows a virtually unlimited number of illegal immigrants to cross the border after choosing to repeal Title 42, a pandemic-era order that allowed for expedited deportation of illegal immigrants, House Republicans attempted a last-ditch measure to secure the border on Thursday.

The bill would resume construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall as well as increase staffing of border patrol agents to a minimum of 22,000.

It narrowly passed the House by a 219-213 vote, with two Republicans and all Democrats voting against it.

The bill is unlikely to make it out of the Senate or, if it did, to be signed in to law by Biden as the White House already threatened to veto it.

Biden Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas attempted to warn migrants that they would still be removed from the United States after Title 42 was repealed, but the warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the Border Patrol has apprehended a record number of immigrants in recent days.

The repeal of Title 42 does provide some reprieve to Border Patrol officials, however, as it bars re-entry for five years and allows officials to criminally prosecute illegal immigrants if they attempt re-entry in that time period.

Mayorkas also said that the Biden administration is ‘surging personnel to the border’ in a desperate attempt to prevent their illegal entry.

The Washington Times Reports

A record wave of illegal immigrants rushed America’s southern border Thursday as President Biden and his team resigned themselves to the chaos, admitting that with the expiration of the Title 42 pandemic expulsion authority they are powerless to stop the arrivals.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said it will take time to regain control, but for now, video and images from the border captured the scale of the bedlam, showing columns of people lined up to wade the Rio Grande or walk across the border as soon as Friday, when Title 42 will officially be gone.

Refusing to accept that situation, Republicans hurried legislation through the House that would stiffen enforcement and could deny millions of illegal immigrants the chance to claim a place in the U.S.

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