House Republicans walked out of a briefing on the coronavirus after Democrat Rosa DeLauro got political with the crisis.

DeLauro has been serving in Congress since 1991…15 terms. She represents Connecticut and is Chair of the House Committee on Appropriations. DeLauro is also the leading House health appropriator. She is up for reelection this year.

With officials from the CDC, NIH, and State Department in attendance at the hearing, she chose to turn a closed-door briefing about the coronavirus crisis into a political rant.

After she kicked off the meeting by criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the crisis, several Republicans left the hearing. Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan said: “If I wanted to hear the politics of it, I’d read POLITICO or something, let’s be serious.”  Even Democrat Rep. Donna Shalala was fed up with DeLauro’s behavior in the hearing:

“No one wanted to hear that, either the Democrats or Republican. We just wanted to hear the substance.”

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According to POLITICO, DeLauro told colleagues she doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” about the reaction.

One of the complaints from DeLauro was that the Trump administration hasn’t been proactive in its reaction to the coronavirus. Where were the Democrats in January when President Trump was taking all the necessary actions to stop the coronavirus from getting to the US. He was VERY proactive in his move to try and stop the spread of the virus by issuing travel restrictions and assembling a team to make up a task force that he announced last week.

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President Trump spoke about his proactive moves yesterday:

What were the Democrats buy doing? They were trying to impeach the president.

The Democrats have done nothing but deliver cheap demagoguery about how Trump was unprepared.

Is this the best Connecticut can do?

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