A guest post from Blue State Conservative–  The narrative today is that young black men are victims of police officers’ profiling and brutality. The problem is that this isn’t remotely true. Pointing out the obvious fact that police do kill blacks is not a compelling argument for systemic racism in law enforcement. Police kill everyone, particularly people who engage in behaviors that require a police response. (I believe it is easier for Elon Musk to land a returning booster rocket on a floating platform in the ocean than explain such commonsensical notions of policing to the growing population of the indoctrinated.)

Consider that most parents, if they are not psychopaths, would prefer children that are calm, reasonable, and respectful. Children would clean up after themselves, do their chores, play nicely with their siblings, and have healthy relationships with their peers. Parents only intervene with tone and action when required, not because they want to. Why is policing any different? If officers cruise around all day giving high-fives to citizens and shooting hoops with teenagers, doesn’t it seem like they would prefer that over physically detaining dangerous thugs?

Leftists and ignorant liberals really do think that as a whole, the police put on their uniform and are out for blood. Of course, this is ridiculous. For starters, nearly every encounter ends peacefully. In fact, out of 60 million police touchpoints with civilians (equating to 25% of the American public over the age of 16) in 2018, about 1,000 ended in the death of the civilian. To expand on those statistics, double the number of whites were killed by police as were blacks, and the research found that blacks and whites had the exact same likelihood of having contact initiated by police. Does that approach the definition of systemic, murderous rage? Out of roughly 30 million Covid-vaxxed Americans, an estimated 1,000 have also died. Is Big Pharma responsible for systemic murder? If not, why not?

Curiously, why do the media and its allies always show outdated, smiling photos of victims who were never helping a grandmother cross the street when police randomly showed up? It’s almost as if they have a narrative to push.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were portrayed as saints in real life despite having connections to seedier realities. How many others are quoted as having “turned their life around” just as bullets started flying? Breonna Taylor was supposedly an EMT on the up-and-up; it turns out she ran cover for a jailed ex-boyfriend. Jacob Blake had digitally penetrated the very woman who called police on his unannounced and unsanctioned visit to her house the day he was shot. Rayshard Brooks was drunk, and then later grabbed police officers’ weapons in a violent struggle with them. George Floyd had supposedly upgraded his violent criminal past to just passing fake bills and ingesting methamphetamines and fentanyl. None of this is to say anyone deserves to die, but it does mean that bad outcomes are more likely.

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Rational thought would also suggest that police, who are human beings, have the same desires, motivations, fears, and other emotions as anyone else. Referring back to the example of parenthood, no parent enjoys constant redirection, yelling, or non-compliance from their children. Does any sane person believe that a police officer wants to end up in a violent encounter (threatening their own livelihood, among other things), and does any sane human being think that a police officer desires to be in the position in which officers Derek Chauvin, Alexander Keung, Tom Thao, and Thomas Lane find themselves now? Deadly encounters lead to high-profile cases, loss of reputation, loss of job, and a permanent emotional scar. Nobody wants that. Hell, most prospective jurors don’t even want to sit on the jury in the George Floyd trial. If it’s too hot for a regular person to touch, who wants to be in the fire?

Prominent black voices like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Benjamin Crump, and the entire organization of Black Lives Matter all sell the same lie to an impressionable and gullible American public. We know one thing is for certain: None of them specifically will ever be killed by criminal police actions. Simply put, they do not live a lifestyle that would put them in a tough situation, and if they did, they would comply with law enforcement.

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The same cannot be said of big-name casualties like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and countless others. Ask yourself this: What is the difference between Floyd, Taylor, and Blake compared to Obama, Sharpton, James, and Winfrey? Again, the answer is obvious.

The latter group comprises go-getting, intelligent, and motivated people. They might be despicable, two-faced, and unethical, but they are not gangbangers. The former group is society’s bottom dwellers. That’s not even meant as an insult. The reality is that there are classes of people even among the monolithic, capital B blacks. Doesn’t anyone stop to ask why some blacks make it and others don’t? If George Floyd chose to engage in constant criminal behavior (including robbing a woman at gunpoint) whereas Barack Obama chose to attend Ivy League schools, is that not a reflection on individual choice rather than societal constraints? Systemic racism implies that no black could overcome the hurdles, but Obama has, along with the many aforementioned muses of misery.

Seriously, what’s the secret sauce? Why has no one ever challenged any prominent, wealthy, and famous black on this issue? “Excuse me, Mr. President, how did you overcome systemic racism and white supremacy to rise to Ivy League law school graduation, leadership at the state level, membership in the U.S. Senate, and become a twice-elected president of the most racist country ever?” Any answer destroys the contemporary narrative, so it, therefore, goes unasked and unanswered. A tidy follow-up might sound like this: “If you were able to do it, do you think others can as well?”

The reality is that a class of well-to-do, educated, scheming, and hustling blacks will always sit atop their perch of safety. They will not interact with the police, and if they do, it is only to ask for additional security forces by night, even though they lambast the profession by day. The second reality is that there will always be a class of vagrant, uneducated, and criminal blacks that seek alternatives to assimilation within a larger, functioning society and will inevitably find themselves in an altercation with law enforcement, where the only options are detainment or death. Tragically, many would rather be killed than returned to prison. Is this the fault of society or the individual?

The race-hustling elites say one thing, but their lived values and developed skill sets say another.

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