Yes, the headline is bizarre and factual, but it is also somehow a shadow of good news.

Former London Mayor, Boris Johnson

Apparently, “after a year of nodding, waving, and bumping firsts and elbows” the globalist Boris Johnson UK government will finally be allowing people to kiss and hug once more beginning on May 17th.

And, just in time for (a week after) Mothers Day!

Who knew you needed the government’s permission to hug or kiss a love one?

To globalists, the broad power to enact such inhuman restrictions isn’t even in question.  Every freedom is just a lever to turn on and off at will, partially or in full.

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The Daily Caller Reports:

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday evening that the gestures would be government-approved starting next week, according to the report…”

Cases and deaths in England have continued to decline. Along with Scotland and Northern Ireland, England reported zero coronavirus deaths in a 24-hour period Monday, and Wales reported just four deaths. Johnson called on the public to “protect these gains” in freedom by being cautious and called the relaxed restrictions “the single biggest step” towards normalcy,” The New York Times reported.

So, you can be sure that, whenever it suits them, the Boris Johnson government will once again enact whatever restrictions they deem useful on a whim in the future under the auspices of Covid19.  And, even now, many inhumane and useless restrictions still remain.

Outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people and indoor gatherings of up to six people from two different households will now be allowed in England. Businesses like museums, movie theaters, hostels, hotels, and bread and breakfasts will be allowed to reopen, and indoor dining can resume. (RELATED: REPORT: Young Women On Walk Fined By Police Over COVID-19 Restrictions)

Johnson urged residents to practice social distancing in settings like restaurants, pubs, and offices.

Many people fear that what Johnson is doing is actually just setting up excuses for future lockdowns and mandates.  Whenever it suits him politically, he will simply tell everyone they haven’t been careful enough and reinstitute the mandates like any good authoritarian.  And, since far-left radical London mayor, Sadiq Khan is on board with Johnson’s plans, you can be certain they aren’t ultimately good ones.

London mayor Sadiq Khan told reporters that the first person he was going to hug was his mom. “I’m a hugger,” he said. “I enjoy people’s company and I know people are ready for me to be hugging again.”

But, don’t abuse your privilege to interact with other human beings.  Amid this emotional bit of good news, some officials are still urging you to remain afraid of your elemental need for human contact.

University of Leeds professor Catherine Noakes, who is a member of a government advisory body, said to avoid hugging people “too frequently.”

“It would worry me if we were advocating we can hug all of our friends every time we meet them again,” Noakes told BBC News. “Keep it short, try and avoid being face to face, so perhaps turn your face away slightly, and even wearing a mask could help.”

Perhaps, Ms. Noekes is just scared and lonely after all the policies she has enforced and embodied over the past year.

A lot of hugs might make her feel a lot better.

Hopefully, she gets as many as she needs and doesn’t scare anyone else into avoiding natural interactions with other human beings.

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