The New York Post has been reporting on emails from a laptop reported to be from Hunter Biden. The emails reveal that the son of former Vice President Joe Biden leveraged his father’s position for millions, although the authenticity of the Biden emails has not been independently confirmed.

The latest discovery is a doozy and comes from an email chain from August of 2017. This is AFTER Joe Biden was out of the White House. In the email, Hunter Biden discussed a deal with Chinese energy firm CEFC where an agreement was made to change the terms of Biden’s three-year consulting contract, which initially promised Biden $10 million-per-year “for introductions alone.” The change was to make it “much more lasting and more lucrative.”

The new deal included a 50 percent equity stake in a holding company instead of the $10 million in annual cash that had been previously negotiated.

A photo of Hunter Biden from the hard drive obtained by Rudy Giuliani:

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Biden also discussed deals with the CEFC that he said were “interesting to me and my family.”

Wouldn’t it be great to get answers to the questions about this and many other deals Hunter Biden made in Ukraine and China? The media refuses to report on this bombshell news to protect Joe Biden. During last night’s town hall with Biden, not one question was asked about this news.

A photo of Hunter Biden from the hard drive obtained by Rudy Giuliani:

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