In defiance of mounting new Covid restrictions, and in another bold display of “do as I say, not as I do”, Barack Obama boogies down in his $12M mansion, brimming with elitist politicians and celebrities who came to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Proving Democrats believe rules are only for the little people, the Obamas originally planned for as many as 700 people, roughly 500 guests, and 200 staff, but reportedly scaled back the birthday bash after a media storm erupted due to the changing situation with rising Covid cases.

The fact that the party was planned at a time when Americans are coming under renewed draconian Covid measures, illustrates their own true lack of concern or even belief in the alleged “deadly” variant they’re attempting to enslave us all with.

Watch the elitist dancing fool:

The royal couple with a handful of friends in the background:


Democrat hypocrisy is boundless:


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