Poor Joe, he just can’t catch a break.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, Joe Biden has been unable to have the usual face to face contact he enjoys so much with his supporters. Fortunately, for the campaign, he’s also lost his ability to inappropriately place his hands (or lips) all over the nearest young girl or to ramble on to a crowd of young kids about his hairy legs.

Now that the campaign has been forced to move Joe online, how successful have they been in their efforts to promote Joe to voters?  Last week, Joe’s online town hall in Tampa, Florida, was a disaster. The video (see below) is filled with technical errors, dead space, blank looks, and bad connections.

Today, another video emerged from Joe’s online town hall. In the video below, as Joe talked about how he believes COVID-19 funds should be spent, loud, squawking birds can be heard drowning him out. Joe’s not going to let some noisy birds in the background stop him, as he continues to angrily deliver his message, almost like he’s having an argument with an invisible opponent.

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It’s one thing to have a town hall filled with blunders and technical errors, but the campaign is in real trouble when they can’t even get a canned video of Joe to make him look coherent.

Two weeks ago, The Hill tweeted an incredible video of Jill Biden standing next to her husband Joe, as she ran through a list of why her husband is the most qualified man in America to become the world’s most powerful leader.

The Hill tweets a quote from Joe Biden’s wife:

Jill Biden: “This moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership — having the forethought to prepare for the worst, the backbone to lead through chaos, the character to move beyond politics.”

The Hill never mentions that while Jill gave her impassionate speech to viewers, the Democrat’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden, stood next to her motionless, staring out into space and never changing his expression. And then, almost like he was waiting for a cue, Joe seemed to wake up when Jill said the words, “My husband, the next President of the United States—Joe Biden.”


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