Of course Obama the putz blames too little government for the poisoned water crisis in Flint…


On a trip focused on letting Flint residents know they have not been forgotten, President Barack Obama put pressure on Congress to move a bill that would bring aid to Flint, Mich. and other communities at risk of lead contamination in their water systems.

As Pro’s Annie Snider reports, both houses are out of session until next week, but the Senate could, in theory, take up a water infrastructure bill that includes assistance to Flint and other cities with lead-pipe distribution systems. The bill easily passed out of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee 19-1. Obama would like to see that bill move sooner rather than later. “Congress, led by your congressional delegation, needs to act in a bipartisan fashion, do their job, make sure Flint has the necessary resources,” Obama said Wednesday in a speech in Flint.

President puns it like ME, calls small-government philosophy ‘corrosive’: The president used the speech to broadly attack the conservative philosophy of less-government-is-good-government, saying an anti-government attitude was at the root of the problems in Flint. “I do think that part of what contributed to this crisis was a broader mindset, a bigger attitude, a corrosive attitude, that exists in our politics and exists in too many levels of our government,” he said. “It’s a mindset that believes that less government is the highest good, no matter what.”

Boos for Snyder, but not from Obama: Gov. Rick Snyder also spoke at the event amid boos from the crowd of over 1,000 people. But Obama held off from attacking the governor, even trying to quiet the boobirds. “No, no,” Obama said. “We’re doing some business here.” Via: Politico

How very big of you Barry...

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