Over the past year, the societal, economic, psychological, and physical damage that has befallen all Americans due to the unconstitutional and immoral lockdowns and mandates has dwarfed the comparatively minor amount of damage caused by the Wuhan Virus, itself.

The psychological damage can be clearly seen in the video, below.

A school board member appears to almost pass out multiple times while speaking due to CO2 build up and lack of oxygen due to wearing a mask.  But, due to the indoctrination she has received over the past year, she ignores the demonstrative evidence that masks are harmful.  Instead, she uses her short and labored breaths to vehemently demand universal mask mandates be implemented.

As the breathing becomes more laborious, she becomes psychologically more agitated and snaps at other people in the meeting multiple times during the video.

Watch the bizarre video below.


The most ironic moment probably begins at the 1:26 mark when the woman says:

“…But I do think…[labored breath]…that we should follow…their require [labored breath] their request…and their recommendation [labored breath]…for………..[labored breath] masking………[labored breath]…ok, I’m done.”

Then, she snaps, shouting at ‘Paul,’ another person in the room who questions her.


Can a person like this be reprogrammed for reality after succumbing to such an irrational ideology?

Let us hope so because speaking and breathing should not be such a struggle and no good person would want her to have to live this way.

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