President Trump left this morning to head to our southern border to check out the new wall that was built. There’s along way to go to complete the wall/fence at the border, but at least they’re making progress.

President Trump said Mexico has been “absolutely terrific for the last 4 days,” apprehending everybody at their southern border to stop them from seeking to cross US southern border.

“That’s a big home run,” he said, but also called on Congress to close immigration loopholes.

Even though President Trump is seeing improvement with Mexico, he warned them: “I don’t play games”.

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President Trump also said he would tax Mexico 25% more for cars brought into the U.S. if they don’t stop allowing illegals through their southern border: “That means we make money.”

He also had a great comment about Joe Biden:

President Trump on @JoeBiden: “I don’t see him as a threat. I think he’s only a threat to himself.”

The left wasted no time in trying to sabotage the president’s trip. They claim that a wall/fence plaque with the president’s name on it should have former President Obama’s name on it.

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