Merrick Garland is Joe Biden’s Attorney General nominee and is just about as inarticulate as Biden has been about policy. The video below from Garland’s testimony for confirmation includes evasive answers like “Um,” “I just don’t know.” and “I haven’t thought about it.” It’s difficult to believe the nominee for AG in Biden’s administration hasn’t heard the news about Biden’s plans for open borders.

Biden’s radical plan is a game-changer and would cost trillions to the American taxpayer.

According to Breitbart News, the plan would:

-Put nearly all illegal aliens in the U.S. on an eight-year path to citizenship
-Provide $4 billion in foreign aid to Central America
-Expand the U.S. labor market with more foreign visa workers
-Expedite green cards for foreign relatives, otherwise known as “chain migration.”
-Potentially add 52 million foreign-born residents to the U.S. population
-Eliminate per-country caps, ensuring India monopolizes employment green cards
-Increase the Diversity Visa Lottery program where visas are given out randomly
-Provide green cards to international students who graduate in advanced STEM fields
-Bring already deported illegal aliens back to the U.S. to provide them amnesty

Garland’s evasiveness is a disqualifier and is a slap in the face to legal Americans who want the AG to follow the rule of law.

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This is the man that Obama wanted to put on the Supreme Court?

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