Democrats don’t like the fact that 6 justices who were all legitimately appointed are considered by them to be too conservative.  The SCOUTS is decidedly not conservative at all.  Nearly all of them seem to be useless globalist usurpers.  But that isn’t good enough for Democrats.

Democrats didn’t get everything they wanted when Trump got 3 SCOTUS picks, so now they want to change the rules…again.

In a press conference, today Nancy Pelosi was asked about her support of such a bill.  At first, she said “No.”  But she immediately followed up that ‘no’ with obvious contradictory statements that suggest she WOULD support court packing given the right incentives, motivations, or additions to the bill.

“I support the president’s commission to study such a proposal.  But, frankly, right now…I don’t know that that’s a good idea or a bad idea.  I think it’s an idea that should be considered and I think the president is taking the right approach to have a commission to study such a thing.

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She said she was very busy [destroying all the other aspects of the country] right now, but that some kind of court packing bill “is not out of the question” in the future.

The correct answer to this question for any American should be ‘no.’

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The speaker, however, babbled on about how “the growth of our country…the growth of our challenges…might necessitate such a thing.”

Huh?  So, because democrats have skyrocketed illegal immigration in order to increase the population of dependent democrat voters in America by the millions, we also now need more globalist supreme court justices who despise the constitution, too?

Does this sound familiar?

It should.  It is exactly what Joe Biden did during his campaign when he slow walked America on Supreme Court packing.  He said he would not pack the court, then signaled that he might and now almost insists on it.

Don’t worry…for now.

She said “I have no plans to bring it to the floor, no.”

Do you expect that opinion to change as the America is brainwashed by pro-Biden media over the next few months?

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