The recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom has gained momentum in recent months. One of the things that really angered Californians was when the governor threw a dinner party at high-end restaurant “French Laundry” for a lobbyist’s 50th birthday while calling for a lockdown. Californians were furious, and that triggered the recall petition to catch fire. The petition now has over 2 million signatures. People are sick of the double standards from the politicians and the elites.

Watch below as Jake Tapper actually puts Newsom’s feet to the fire on the dinner party scandal:

“I Wasn’t Suggesting People Should Not Eat.”

With the pandemic policies in California going to the extreme, businesses and families have suffered tremendously. The elites like Newsom are tone-deaf to the communities’ struggles, so some of the towns across California decided to take matters into their own hands and open up.

Schools have also been slow to reopen, and protests by parents and kids have popped up.

To make matters even worse, Newsom declared that things would never get back to normal after the pandemic during his latest State of the State speech. He wants to play Robin Hood and implement “economic justice,” aka socialism.

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Newsom is on record calling the recall movement a plot by Republicans. Democrats are moving to discredit the recall, but Californians are fed-up with the bad leadership from elitist Newsom.

Recalls were made for politicians like Newsom.


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