This case is one of so many we’ve been reporting on of illegals who have been deported numerous times but come back to the US and commit crimes. It’s so out of control because these people believe they can just run back across the border…and they do.


Via Syracuse Com:

Authorities have not yet charged a Mexican citizen in the death of his girlfriend and the disappearance of her 14-month-old child, but the man known as Alberto Ebavardo Guiterrez-Reyes isn’t going anywhere.

The 25-year-old man, suspected of working illegally on a Sodus farm, has been ordered held by federal immigration officials. He’s also facing an evidence tampering charge in connection with his girlfriend’s death.

“Alberto Ebavardo Guiterrez-Reyes” is an alias for Evarardo Donoteo-Reyes, a twice-deported Mexican citizen, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement.

Reyes had been deported in 2016 and 2017, authorities told The (Rochester) Democrat & Chronicle. He has a 2017 conviction for illegal re-entry, Immigration and Customs Enforcement added.

“ICE is determined to seek out and locate illegal aliens in New York.” Field Office Director Thomas Feeley said, according to the D & C. “This case sadly illustrates the real dangers to our communities.”

The mother, Selena Hidago-Calderon, was found dead Wednesday in a wooded area of the farm where she worked and lived with Reyes.

Hidago-Calderon, of Guatemala, was also in the country illegally, as are many Upstate farm workers.

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DEPORTED FOUR TIMES! Psycho Illegal Alien Hearing Voices Kills One And Injures Two Others

The story of the illegal alien below is a perfect case for why we need a wall ASAP! This nut case was deported FOUR TIMES! Our border is like Swiss cheese! Americans are put at risk every day because of our lack of security at the border. This is ridiculous!

Three Americans wouldn’t have been shot if an illegal alien hadn’t been allowed to cross over our border FOUR times. Yes, this lunatic came freely over our border then shot three people in cold blood because he decided they were “bad”:

He admitted to the shootings, saying voices tell him to shoot, but that he decides with his heart who is bad and who to shoot. Pompa-Rascon stated the gun won’t fire if they are good people. 

The man who admitted to investigators that he shot at a man in a “luxurious” car, a man on a motorcycle and a man in his driveway Friday night now faces charges for two of the three shootings.

Arnoldo Pompa-Rascon, 41, faces one count of first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of discharging a firearm from a vehicle for both of the shootings that happened in Clay County.

According to the probable cause statement, it was around 8:14 p.m. Friday when a woman traveling east along NW Barry Road near North Marston Avenue heard a “pop,” saw a silver Dodge Neon take off as the “high-end” sports car a popular KC tattoo artist Russell Fisk was driving ran off the road and into light pole. Police said Fisk died from a gunshot wound to the head. This shooting happened in Platte County.

The witness said she did not see an altercation prior to the shooting.

The probable cause document says while police were investigating the deadly shooting, they were alerted of another shooting at 102nd and North Oak Trafficway in Clay County.

A man told police he was riding his motorcycle and about to turn onto westbound 102nd Street from northbound North Oak when he heard a shot and realized he had been injured. The man told investigators that there was a pause then a second shot. Then several more shots. He says the last vehicle he saw before hearing the shots was a silver Dodge Neon.

Just a few minutes after police were alerted of that shooting, they learned of a third shooting near 111th and N. Campbell Streetman, which is also in Clay County.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim in this shooting had just pulled into his driveway when he noticed a silver Dodge Neon drive up slowly and stop at the end of his driveway. The victim recalls the man asked him something, but he didn’t know what he was saying, so he  walked closer. Pompa-Rascon allegedly told the victim that he didn’t speak English, but appeared to be asking about someone. The victim said he told Pompa-Rascon that he didn’t know that person, apologized and walked away. He says when he turned to walk away,  Pompa-Rascon shot him in the chest. The victim returned fire, but told investigators that he wasn’t sure if he actually hit the suspect.

Police say were alerted about a burglary earlier Friday in South Kansas City where a witness took pictures of the suspect’s car which helped them piece things together.

Then on Tuesday, three days after the shooting spree, a homeowner on 150 Highway near Peterson Road caught Pompa-Rascon trying to steal his truck, court documents say. The homeowner held Pompa-Rascon at gunpoint until police arrived.

He admitted to the shootings, saying voices tell him to shoot, but that he decides with his heart who is bad and who to shoot. Pompa-Rascon stated the gun won’t fire if they are good people.

Pompa-Rascon’s bond has been set at $1 million.


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