Hawaii’s Senator Mazie Hirono was confused on Tuesday about what the term “illegal” meant.

Talking to ICE officials on Capitol Hill, Hirono repeatedly asked ICE officials what constitutes someone being here illegally.

The ICE official was shocked and unsure of what she heard and then another ICE official chimed in.

When the second ICE official responded with a clear and simple answer, Hirono only got more confused and continued with the same line of questioning.

“So I’m not quite sure I follow the question, ma’am.” – ICE official puzzled by Sen. Hirono’s question

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Hirono still didn’t understand what the ICE officials said about what it means to be in our country illegally.

She had embarrassed herself the day before by making outrageous statements in questions to another ICE official:

“They are there because they broke the law” – ICE Official

What a misinformed lawmaker! She has absolutely no clue about immigration and even said, “I’m confused”.

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