The January 6th Committee along with the Department of Justice has completely failed to prove that what happened on January 6th was an ‘insurrection’ in any meaningful way.  After dozens of subpoenas and hundreds of arrests, the Department of Justice finally succumbed to political pressure a year after the unrest and has charged eleven people with sedition, a charge that is highly unlikely to succeed in court.  With their narrative collapsing and voters seemingly uninterested in January 6th, a political advocacy group has attempted to disqualify patriot Madison Cawthorn (R-Nc.) from running for re-election.  The Epoch Times Reports

“A non-profit organization is using a post-Civil War constitutional amendment to delegitimize Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s (R-N.C.) candidacy for office in the upcoming primaries based on allegations of his involvement in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol breach.

Free Speech For People (FSFP) represents several North Carolina voters invoking section three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution called the disqualification clause that states no person who has engaged in an “insurrection or rebellion” against the U.S. government can be a representative in Congress.

The challenge, filed with the North Carolina State Board of Elections, alleges that there is “reasonable suspicion” that Cawthorn was involved in the breach.

There have been multiple conflicting narratives about what took place on Jan. 6, including what the FBI’s role was in it.

North Carolina’s candidacy-challenge statute gives a registered voter the authority to challenge a candidate based on “reasonable suspicion or belief” that “the candidate does not meet the constitutional or statutory qualifications for the office, including residency.”


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