After months of speculation about Hillary’s poor health, she appeared to have a pretty serious “episode” after leaving the 9-11 memorial service in NYC. Fortunately, someone was able to capture her on video in a “press-free zone,” as she appeared to be having convulsions and collapsing, forcing the secret service to physically lift her into her vehicle.

Many in the media are saying the Democrat Party is scrambling to figure out what to do if Hillary is FORCED to drop out of the race. Of course Hillary wouldn’t leave the race on her own for the good of the country or for the good of her party. This is her final shot at the highest office in our nation, and she has already proven there is nothing that will get in her way from her lifelong goal of becoming our first female President. No lie is too big and no scandal will take her down. It’s her turn. But in the event that she ends up incapacitated by her illness which, according to many prominent physicians looks more like Parkinson’s Disease, here’s what would happen if she was forced to drop out:

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It’s never happened before, but if Hillary Clinton has to drop out before Election Day, the Democratic National Committee would pick a successor — and it wouldn’t have to be runningmate Tim Kaine.

If Donald Trump faced the same situation, the Republican National Committee would select a GOP replacement, perhaps by reconvening 2,472 delegates.

Clinton’s near collapse over the weekend, coupled with the ages of the two major candidates, have brought the far-flung scenarios into the realm of possibility.

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There’s 55 days until the election as of Tuesday and military and overseas ballots are mailed 45 days before the polls open.

Thirty-seven states have some sort of early voting, with North Carolina being the first by mail on Sept. 9.

What would really complicate matters is if a nominee had to drop out when ballots have already been cast.

“It would be an unprecedented, complicated mess,” one election lawyer said.

The Electoral College would then select the next president.

If the electors couldn’t agree, the House of Representatives would make the selection. –NYP

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