It’s so rare that a left-wing rioter is brought to justice, and that makes this story remarkable.

A young man who participated in the Antifa/BLM riots of last spring in Minneapolis has actually been sentenced to nine years in jail.

He actually handed out explosives during the riots, so nine years was pretty lenient, all things considered.

The Daily Wire reports:

Boasting Floyd Rioter Sentenced To Nine Years Behind Bars: ‘I Lit It On Fire!’

A boastful rioter protesting the death of George Floyd last summer in Minneapolis has been sentenced to nearly nine years behind bars for handing out explosives and setting a store on fire.

“Matthew Rupert, 29, of Galesburg, Ill., has been sentenced to nearly 9 years in federal prison after being convicted for his role in the Minneapolis BLM-Antifa riots last year,” Andy Ngo reported Tuesday. “He handed out explosives & set a store on fire.”

According to Ngo, Rupert’s sentence is the longest thus far for those involved in the left-wing Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots.

“Convicted #BLM arsonist Matthew Lee Rupert drove more than 400 miles from Illinois to riot in Minneapolis on 28 May, 2020,” Ngo added. “In addition to handing out shell explosives to rioters, he doused lighter fluid over a pile of boxes inside a store & set it on fire.”

His parents must be so proud.

Now he gets to sit in jail for a decade.

Was it worth it?

h/t American Lookout


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