Like mother like daughter.

Isra Hirsi, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s oldest daughter from her estranged husband, has taken a page from her radical mother’s playbook. Isra appeared as a guest on the far-left “Democracy Now,” with host Amy Goodwin to discuss her climate activism in Minneapolis, where Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter threatened President Trump, saying, “We will continue to be on the streets until we see some change from your office.”

Apparently, Hirsi believes public and private schools will allow their students to skip school and roam the streets for as many days as it takes to deal with the man-made climate crisis that President Trump refuses to fix.

Hirsi also warned, “We are going to be voting you out because we need a leader that is actually going to take action on this incredible crisis.”

Isra Hirsi is standing with the purple burqa on the far left side of the photo. Omar’s estranged husband, Ahmed Hirsi, has his arm around his daughter. Isra’s mother, Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, has been accused of having an affair with a married man with a 12-year-old son. She is on the far-right side of the photo.

The Democracy Now host asked the young radical activist if she had a message for Trump? Hirsi responded by saying, “President Trump, your actions are actually harming people. Millions of people across this country are being impacted by your inaction. Us young people are not going to stand down and allow this inaction to continue.”

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Start watching at the 10:30 mark:

What would happen if Barron Trump threatened Democrat Ilhan Omar that kids would keep marching in the streets until she voted on an issue he was passionate about? Would it be front-page news?

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