The Senate defied President Trump yesterday in a 59-41 vote to stop his declaration of a National Emergency at our southern border. One dozen Republicans voted with Democrats to stop President Trump’s effort to keep Americans safe and to stop the border invasion. The “Dirty Dozen” suddenly felt compelled to put illegals before legal Americans.

The Senate will now have a 10-day break. Shame on them and especially the Republicans for not supporting our president whose intentions are to fight for our safety and sovereignty.

While the Senate takes a vacay, more deaths are happening at the hands of illegals…

Another case of the death of Americans that is 100% preventable!

A smuggler was seen loading five illegals into a Ford Exhibition from bushes on the side of the road.

A chase then started and ended in La Joya, Texas after the driver of the Ford Expedition who was being followed by a DPS trooper failed to stop.

The Ford went to the center median and lost control hitting another Nissan. The two innocent people in the Nissan were confirmed dead at the scene.


Leonel Martinez Jr., 45 years old and 69-year-old Aurora Sanchez were killed by the smuggler who fled the scene on foot.

The five illegals were taken to the hospital but the smuggler is still on the run.

According to kobi5: “The driver had fled the scene and we have U.S. border patrol actively searching for this individual.”

This is the second high-speed chase this week on the same street involving illegals. This area is prime for smuggling and for cartel activity because it’s so open with few barriers.

The former police chief of La Joya was convicted on two drug smuggling charges for his role in helping the Gulf Cartel operate in Texas, Breitbart News reported.

THIS is why we need a wall! We need a barrier in this area to stop criminal activity! Isn’t this a national emergency? We think so!


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