In the 2018 mid-term elections, Stacey Abrams was America’s biggest loser. Half of Hollywood showed up to demand their fans vote for her, the heavily armed New Black Panthers walked up and down the streets of their neighborhoods, strongly suggesting voters make it to the polls on her behalf, even Barack Obama stumped for the divisive candidate. Unfortunately, for Stacey Abrams, “Georgia’s first African-American female governor”…identity politics, millions of out-of-state contributions, appearances by Barack Obama, John Legend, Will Ferrell and even Oprah Winfrey couldn’t help her to get across the finish line.

In spite of all of the attention Georgia’s Democrat–Socialist candidate for governor received from the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and the adoring mainstream media, Stacey Abrams still fell short by 58,150 votes of her goal to defeat her Republican opponent Brian Kemp and become Georgia’s first black female governor.

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After exhausting every legal option, Abrams was forced to make an announcement. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Georgia, Abrams was too selfish to gracefully concede, as a way to help heal the racial division she created while campaigning. She instead chose a route that would further divide the citizens of Georgia, by making a thinly veiled accusation that Kemp won the election because he figured out a way to suppress the vote.

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Now, the woman who still believes she’s the rightful governor of Georgia has announced that she’s not running for Senate in Georgia.

While Abrams did not give any direct clues that this decision will lead her to mount a presidential campaign, she did tease an announcement in the “coming weeks” on “groundbreaking initiatives to protect the right to vote.” Abrams is currently the leader of Fair Fight Action, an organization she founded immediately after she lost to former Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the state’s 2018 gubernatorial election. Since last November, she has repeatedly asserted without evidence that Kemp stole the election through voter suppression — and continued to grind that axe in her video on skipping a Senate run. “Democracy in America is under attack. Voter suppression is rampant and it is real,” she said, then declared Georgians’ “votes were not counted” in 2018. –Breitbart 

Yesterday, the radical, pro-Palestine, freshman congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib tweeted a photo of herself posing with Abrams, threatening that they are the kind of fighters who will “flip the tables over” if they are “denied a seat at the table.”

“We both are fighters for what’s right, fighters for those who are denied a seat at the table, and fighters who flip the table over, bring your own chair, and create a bigger table. With the fierce  “

The managing editor of the Washington Free Beacon mocked Abrams and her imaginary governorship, saying: Georgians breathe sigh of relief as Abrams decides to focus on being governor

Conservative comedian Tim Young nailed it with his tweet: Stacey Abrams released a formal announcement that she wont run for US Senate… she’s too busy serving as the imaginary Governor of Georgia.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called her out in this tweet: Stacey Abrams refuses to accept the results of her failed gubernatorial campaign. Rashida Tlaib wants to impeach with no grounds to do so. What is it with Democrats refusing to accept the outcomes of elections?

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