Democrat-run San Francisco is one of the cities most affected by shoplifting in the U.S., driving down sales in the area and forcing businesses to move out of the city.

As even major retailers such as Target and Walgreens are struggling to cope with the impacts of rampant shoplifting in San Francisco, small business owners in the city are suffering from organized retail crime.

Fox News Digital recently interviewed a small business owner in San Francisco who immigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan.

The store owner, whose name is Zaid, owns a tobacco shop in San Francisco’s Richmond District that has been plagued by theft. Zaid is frustrated with his local politicians for not getting a handle on the rampant theft, saying that it is “worse than Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Last Tuesday night, Zaid’s store was raided by seven thieves who smashed through his windows and stole about $80,000 worth of merchandise and $20,000 in cash. After breaking in, the criminals had about 20 minutes to ransack his store without any police intervention.

Surveillance images of thieves breaking into Zaid’s San Francisco store ‘Cigarettes R Cheaper’

No arrests have been made yet in connection with this burglary.

“The politicians need to get a grip on this because it’s worse than Afghanistan or Iraq,” said Zaid. “At least in Afghanistan the Taliban will cut your hand off and people are afraid to commit such a crime.”

“They know the police won’t do anything,” Zaid said.

“We have drugs issue, we have homeless issue, and on top of this these idiots come in here and take whatever they want,” added the store owner.

Zaid immigrated to the U.S. in 1987 and opened his store in 2003. Now, according to him, the city is in the worst condition he has ever seen.

“The city has gone downhill, especially the last 2 years since COVID, I’ve never seen it worse,” Zaid said. “People are afraid to come shopping here because they are either going to get robbed or someone will break into their car.”

Zaid fears that if things do not improve soon, he will be forced to shut down his business.

“Out safety is more important than making a living in this city,” Zaid added.

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