Former ICE Director Thomas Homan is so sharp on immigration and will call out anyone who wants open borders.

Homan says that anyone for open borders and no detention only incentivizes illegal immigration.

Listen to this brilliant assessment of what’s going on at our borders:

“When politicians like her say things like we don’t want to detain anybody. She wants to support sanctuary cities. She wants to abolish ICE. When you have the open border attitude, more people are enticed to come into this country illegally. They’re more enticed to put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations to come to this country. That’s why they’re coming.”

“Homan continued: 93% of every person that ICE removed last year was removed from a detention bed. When you get released, chances are you will never be removed. Last year, 47,000 people got ordered to remove an abstention, which means they didn’t show up for court. Right now we are on the path to having over 70,000 in abstention this year. If you look at the people on the border claiming asylum, 49%, almost half, never follow-up with the immigration court.” H/T Daily Caller

Homan is spot on. Our politicians are pushing open borders putting illegals in danger and American citizens in danger.

Are we a sovereign nation or not? Democrats continue to push us towards not being a nation but an open borders entity. Take notes America! 2020 is coming!

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