Impeachment witness Marie Yovanovitch testified before the House Intel. Committee regarding the impeachment of President Trump. It was a long day of zero bombshell moments for Democrats, but Republicans were able to land some punches with their questioning.

Rep. John Ratcliffe has been superb in his questioning of witnesses in this sham impeachment hearing. He got the chance to ask Yovanovitch about Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisama. This was a great move by Ratcliffe because it opens up the Pandora’s Box of corruption by the Bidens.

Ratcliffe was able to get out of the former ambassador that there was concern about a “conflict of interest” with Hunter Biden and Burisma:

He took the next step after his questioning of Yovanovitch to ask the important question:

Why won’t Schiff allow Hunter Biden to testify before his Committee, even after Yovanovitch confirmed under oath today that his involvement with Burisma posed a legitimate concern?

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It’s important to note that Yovanovitch might have a problem with lying under oath…

Ratcliffe is pushing for Hunter Biden to be called to testify and is pushing out the information that there was a real concern for the relationship between Hunter Biden and Burisma. This is an unforced error by Democrats because attention is gradually moving towards the Bidens.


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