“If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions, who would it be” says Ellen, who has apparently gone through her leftist reeducation program and been deemed newly nonsubversive.

Kamala, a dutiful globalist foot soldier, barely ponders the thought (this is Hollywood after all and everything is staged) before looking back at Ellen with a fully satisfied response:

“Does one of us have to come out alive?!”

So, if in an elevator with a conservative, Ellen and Kamala would find it amusing make sure they didn’t come out alive. These two women are considered strong female role models while actual heroes like Gina Carano are destroyed?

And that isn’t considered incitement?

Kamala then cackles with the force of 27 MacBethian witches.  This goes on for over ten seconds as her body convulses uncontrollably like a psych-ward patient.  All the while, the bootlicking audience erupts and Ellen DeGeneres raises her arms to clap, cheer, and laugh as well.

It is clear that Kamala is quite enamored with herself and her response, which was probably written for her by Ellen’s staff.

So, in 2021 Biden’s America, does this really pass as a hilarious joke for the ages?  It is a pretty simplistic structure:

Person 1: “What would happen if you had to be around someone you disgagree with?”

Person 2: “I would ‘low-key’ murder them”

Person 1 and 2: “Haha, bro, that was hilarious, let’s just keep laughing until the other person stops”

Or, just maybe, violent solutions are more truth than fiction for Kamala and it is not a joke at all:

Kamala Harris once called for ceaseless violence and riots and bailed out rioters:

What do you think? Was this also a joke?


Or was it incitement?

Based upon the impeachment proceedings going on now against Trump, this is a much more concrete demand for violence, don’t you think?

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