During a speech today about the opioid crisis, President Trump called on Jim and Jeanne Moser of East Kingston to talk about their son, Adam, who died from a fentanyl overdose in 2015 after becoming addicted to prescription drugs he found in the family kitchen cabinet.

“He just made a very bad choice one night,” Jeanne Moser said. “He got hooked on it and had to go to the street eventually. And he found fentanyl.”

He was the kind of kid that made you feel really good about yourself. You would give him five minutes, you really liked him. And, you know, he just made a bad choice one night, as smart as he was, he found his way into our kitchen cabinet, and sadly the rest is history. He got hooked on it. And had to go to the street eventually, and he found Fentanyl. And he’s been gone for two and a half years. And we miss him every day. Thank you.


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WMUR reports:

Calling the opioid epidemic a scourge, but vowing that it will be defeated, President Donald Trump returned to New Hampshire Monday to unveil a broad plan to combat the crisis.

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While the $13 billion plan is multipronged and focuses on treatment and reducing demand by eliminating over-prescription, the president in a 30-minute speech at Manchester Community College strongly reiterated his call for the death penalty to be imposed on some traffickers.

Trump was accompanied to Manchester by first lady Melania Trump, Attorney General Jeff Session, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, Surgeon General Jerome Adams and drug czar Jim Carroll.

The president praised first responders, saying that they exemplify “the American heart who fight every day to help rescue their fellow citizens from the grips of addiction.”

“They remind us that for America, there is nothing beyond our reach. Nothing at all,” Trump said.

“We will protect our beautiful children and we will ensure that tomorrow is better, brighter, stronger and greater than ever before. Because as long as we have trust in our citizens, pride in our country and faith in our God, we will not fail.”

“Failure is not an option,” Trump said. “Addiction is not in our future.”


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